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NEWS REPORT (CH11 WPIX) Screening First Responders "After the Job"

3/27/2024- 23 years later, those exposed to 9/11 continue to feel the health repercussions of toxin and toxicants from the historical urban  disaster.  More than the 343 firefighters who perished during that fated time, we continue to find cases in the rescue and responder service, contracting the many types of illnesses from this horrendous response call.  13x Emmy Award winning reporter Marvin Scott covers the EARLY DETECTION program as he interviews Dr. Robert Bard (Cancer Imaging Radiologist) and Ret. FF and 9/11 responder Sal Banchitta.  Dr. Bard presents his state-of-the-art imaging innovations to provide firefighters with some of the most advanced scanning solutions.  "There are many tools out there that patients should know about... I'm pretty fortunate to have access to Dr. Bard and his program for advanced screening and I tell all my fellow firefighters about 'Getting Checked NOW!"


 8/8/2023- Ret. FDNY Sal Banchitta signs in to experience his Whole Body MRI from Prenuvo, NYC- a state of the art imaging company founded out of Vancouver, Canada.  

As one of the founding cancer awareness producers of NYCRA (NY Cancer Resource Alliance) and F.A.C.E.S. (Firefighters Against Cancers & Exposures), Mr. Banchitta gladly accepted the invitation to receive this complete body scan as part of his pursuit for a reliable base line for future scans and a preventive measure against cancer.

"My mission alongside my fellow advocates is to learn about the latest modalities in diagnostics and treatment to bring awareness about cancer resources to the rescue community", says Sal. "There are so many solutions out there now... they range in success, reliability and potential controversy.  I just want to see us all have the right tools for the battle against cancer with the best possible support for anyone facing this life challenge!"

On April 27, Prenuvo (the company pioneering proactive whole-body imaging for the early detection of cancer and other diseases) announced the opening of their first New York City clinic. With this expansion, New Yorkers will now have access to the fastest, safest, non-invasive whole-body screening on the market so that they can take control of their health and seek proactive solutions.  Dr. Robert Bard was one of the first New Yorkers lined up to experience the Prenuvo MRI firsthand.  

As a seasoned cancer imaging specialist, Dr. Bard found great benefit in the concept of a full-body scan. "Unlike the many MRI's without contrast of almost every part of my body over the years, this was actually an interactive and possibly enjoyable experience. In addition to not having to worry about getting a contrast infusion, the fact that it was getting so much of the body minus the hands and feet offers an excellent overview. Because disease in one part of the body may cascade dysfunction in other parts of the body, the developers of this full body scan offers a diagnostic solution to address this. For example, a gallstone can drop into the pelvis, or an ovarian tumor can spread to the axilla or a melanoma of the calf can metastasize to the brain. The idea of full body imaging to rule out any kind of metastatic disease or primary disease like an aneurysm or an unsuspected kidney cancer is very important."

Communications Lead Christine Alabastro coordinated a mini-documentary film project around Sal's experience with Prenuvo- to be aired on NYCRA-TV, Responder Resilience News and other responder channels.  "Sal has an inspiring story and a deep commitment to advocate for early detection and proactive care to the fire service."

Prenuvo’s cutting-edge whole-body scans are based on 10+ years of clinical work while curating the biggest data set of whole-body MRI scans in the world. Unlike conventional MRIs, which take hours and often involve contrast injections, Prenuvo scans for 500+ conditions, including most solid tumors which can be detected as early as stage 1, in addition to aneurysms, cysts, and more – all without radiation, in under an hour.

Both Sal Banchitta and Dr. Bard are top ranking speakers and founding promoters of the "Get Checked NOW!" program of NYCRA.  Sal is just one of the many tens of thousands of patients of referring physicians who recognized the value of this imaging advancement.  His pursuit to test driving this and other cancer detection protocols are partly due to a predisposition of cancer in his family.  Added to his list of motivating factors to staying proactive is a longstanding career in fire rescue and his tenure at (9/11) Ground Zero. "Finding answers about what's in our bodies is so critical... especially having been exposed to so many toxins in our lives. No news is good news but if we catch the bad news ahead of time, addressing something like cancer stands a better chance of success!"


Reprised from: Friday, April 21, 2023
The Whole Body Movement (Part 2)- Meet THE THERALIGHT

In our continued search for the next voice in support of Integrative and Functional wellness, our editors opted to follow the trail of innovative (or "alternative") healing technologies to the doorsteps of those who truly believe in their benefits.  In this case, an early report featuring Dr. Jennifer Stagg and her use of the THERALIGHT 360 prompted us to meet other therapists to get more insight in its clinical uses.

Meet Dr. Scott Schaeffer of Westchester Total Health (Mt Kisco, NY). His treatment approach, in addition to spinal manipulation includes a wide array of modalities and physiotherapy. In our discussion about the Theralight 360 device (and other near-infrared technologies), we covered his holistic and integrative approach to bringing full-body wellness to his patients. Dr. Schaeffer identified his commitment to researching for the latest proven innovations to address soft-tissue injuries, musculoskeletal dysfunction and other inflammatory conditions that his patients commonly present with. "There's so much out there", he started. Learning about these new healing concepts, "whatever I can use within my scope of practice to help people safely and 
non-invasively... I'm going to find it!" 

Transcript from the interview with Dr. Scott Schaffer (4/19/2023)
The Theralight 360 is one of the few full-body red light therapy units on the market.  Other common terms for red light therapy are photobiomodulation (PBM), low level laser therapy, cold laser therapy or near infrared red therapy (NIR).  In a nutshell, red light therapy is scientifically supported to benefit and treat conditions caused by the pervasive suffix “itis”, more commonly known as INFLAMMATION.  I purchased the Theralight 360 approximately 3+ years ago in search of more for my patients. I do a lot of good with conventional chiropractic work, but there's always evolving treatment options out there in the therapeutic and clinical world. You just have to do a little digging and climbing to find it.  I first learned about the growing use of red light therapy (light-emitting diodes and laser diodes) from an oral surgeon who used this technology to help expedite healing in post-surgical patients. He seemed to have great success with it, so I went on a red light therapy journey.  
Source: theralight.com

In an effort to find the best full-body red light pod on the market I traveled around the country experiencing the various units, their similarities and differences.  I landed on what I felt was the best unit on the market and with little leap of faith I committed to buying my first; they're not cheap as you can imagine. Fellow practitioner and my wife Dr. Lisa Cavaliere also agreed that this was the ONE!  So, we continued down the red light therapy path and we’ve been pleased ever since.  From arthritis to skin conditions, anxiety to depression, poor sleep to immune support, pre-workout boosts to post-workout recovery the 360 degree red light therapy treatment covers just about everything, literally.  Additionally, the Theralight 360 is non-invasive and safe, it’s comprised of some of the healthiest and most researched wavelengths of light in phototherapeutics. 

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